Colorful Energy

Don and Joey play many different instruments, including guitar, mandolin, mando-cello, banjo, charango, tambura, lap steel guitar, resonator slide guitar, ethnic flutes, and more!  This adds color and variety to the gigs.

Dorojo likes to take songs to higher energy levels through improvisation and a willingness to try new things!  This can mean fast and and exhilarating or slow and soulful.

Dorojo is a dynamic acoustic trio from the San Jacinto Mountains/Coachella Valley area of Southern California.  The group is made up of singer/songwriter/vocalist Joey Latimer, the amazing Robin Rabens on acoustic bass, and award winning soloist, teacher, and performer Don Reed. 

Don, Robin, and Joey all originally grew up in Southern California and became musicians in their teens.

Acoustic Abounds

D o r o j o